An Alternative Career

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I love music as much as I love films. So maybe working in music industry could also be my alternative career choice? Or, I could work both in film & music. Many people do. Today, it’s a good idea to do more – to work in more areas in entertainment industry. That’s why I like working in entertainment industry because the opportunity and possibility are endless. You can work in as many areas within entertainment industry as you like if you have many talents and can cope with being busy. Of course, you have to know your limit and strength as well. But when you think of the uncertainty and continuous rejections in entertainment business then it is a good idea to be in as many places within it as possible. You never know. Maybe I get rejected from one area, but then I get accepted from another area of entertainment industry. So, it can only benefit me.

Because I love music so much, I did try to become a musician before I even considered becoming an actress. But I can’t sing. And I can’t play instruments. So, I gave up the idea. But I can, probably, become a songwriter instead since I love writing. And I can dance. So, I can still work in music industry if I want to. I just don’t have to sing or play instruments. I remember when I was with my ex, he’s a guitarist, he tried to teach me how to play guitar when he had time. But I couldn’t learn it. So I gave up learning how to play guitar. But it’s not only guitar – all kinds of music instruments. Maybe, I just gave up that easily. If I was persistent I could eventually learn it. Who knew. So, I might consider branching out into music industry as well. It’s always an option. It’s also because while I was dancing yesterday at the dancing class it began to dawn on me, how much I love music and how much I enjoy moving my body to the music. It made me rethink about my career path. But I still love acting and films. I will not leave it, though. I just want to work with music, too.

Below is a song from Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World. Enjoy!

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