My English Skill

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Once in a while, I do go back and correct my grammar in my previous blog posts. Because sometimes, I’m tired or I don’t really want to spend time to go through my grammar. When I finish writing the post I hit publish and never look back. Then I go do something else. But when I do have time, I like to go back and correct my grammar. It’s just good for myself as well, to improve my English. But people do make mistakes sometimes when they are in a hurry or too lazy or busy to correct the grammar. Some don’t even care. But I have to begin to care if I want to become a writer. So, excel myself in English is a must. Well, I don’t have to be that good in English. Have a master’s degree in English or anything like that. Some successful writers don’t have that either. Just the passion to tell good stories and an okay level of English should be fine. Some writers, they don’t even write the novels, books, etc., themselves. It’s true. And I have not even been to English classes in UK. Well, I have studied English elsewhere. But that’s a long time ago. And my English exams were not good. But over the years, I have taught myself English. Living in English speaking country does help, too. Anyway, I try to attempt to become a screenwriter. I think, my willingness to succeed is more important. If I tell myself I can’t because of this and that, I don’t think I will have accomplished anything at all.

Big Ben Tower in London.

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