Just Back From Dancing Class

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I just got home from dancing. It’s amazing, getting to exercise, learn new skills, and have fun. I am very hungry now. And I had just had a small bowl of pasta. But it’s not enough. But I’m not gonna eat more. I have to control myself. Otherwise, there’s no point of exercising, just to come home and devour a huge portion of food. After finishing this blog post I will take a shower, then find a good film to watch. After bath, I don’t think I will still be hungry. I just ate spaghetti. So I will wait a little bit before I have a bath. Tomorrow, I have more self-taped auditions to make. I am auditioning almost every day, basically. Then later on this week, I also have to attend a casting. So everything is going good for me right now. It seems. I have to find time to work on my own project, then. It looks like, I don’t really have time to write at the moment. Maybe, I will not watch a movie tonight anyway. I will continue to work on my screenplay instead. But I need to relax, as well. It’s been about work and work constantly for me lately. So I need to take some time off, too, to clear my mind and stay away from my project for a while. Then come back with a new vision, perspective, insight, idea, etc.

That’s it for now. I will not write a long blog post now, tired.



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