Busy Day

I am quite busy today. I have a meeting with filmmakers. Then I also have to attend a casting, afterwards. So after this blog post, I will be on my way out. I’m out every day, doing something or having a meeting. All of these have something to do with my acting, producing, writing, and directing careers. I’m getting there. I am making a little progress towards my goals each day. I believe in hard work, devotion, and persistence. If you really look for something you will find it, eventually. So, I’m happy that I’m always busy both with my own projects and others’. Being positive is also one of the main things that keeps me going. I always begin my day with a positive mindset that today is going to be a good day. Then, my day will turn out good accordingly.

I went to dancing class again yesterday, which was amazing. I could feel yesterday while I was dancing that my body becomes more lithe. It’s not so stiff anymore. I could execute a split a little more. In the beginning when I started last week, I couldn’t really execute a split. Maybe just a little. But yesterday, I could do slightly more without difficulty. I also don’t really have to catch my breath so often when I exercise a lot. I feel more healthy now. Before, I would stop to catch my breath every 5 or 10 Minutes between dancing or exercising. It’s so wonderful how exercise helps improve my health and condition.

The tutor doesn’t really teach each individual how to do the steps correctly. She has lots of people attending her class. Maybe that’s why. So, each lesson I have to try to follow the others and the tutor myself. Some of the steps I can mirror and some not. But, it’s ok. It’s fun to dance, after all. It also helps me focus more in order to be able to keep up. I also consider going to yoga classes again. I did attend¬†yoga classes some time ago. But then I was busy. So I stopped going there. But now I think I have to begin again since they will benefit me a lot.

With all that meetings, auditions, castings, acting workshops, dancing classes, and so on, I have to write my screenplay at night instead. I have now finished the drafts of the manuscripts of my short and feature films. Now, it’s a matter of writing the whole scripts in harmony with¬†the drafts. I plan to make my short film about 10 – 18 Minutes long. So, writing a script in about 10 – 20 Pages shouldn’t be that bad. Especially now that I have a pattern to follow, which should help me write the whole screenplay more easily.


Just finished my dancing class yesterday.


Art in Piccadilly, London.

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