Entertainment Time

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Now it’s entertainment time! I’m eating chocolate ice cream right now and watching film, “It Follows.” I think it looks good so far. A different kind of horror movie. I started watching it last night. But I was too tired. So I only saw the first 10 – 20 Minutes of the film. So today, I have to finish watching it since I rented it from Amazon yesterday. And I have only 48 Hours, I think, to see the film. I don’t want to watch it at night because I’m likely to fall asleep. So, I’d better see it now. And also because I begin to go to bed early, so that I can stand up at 5am or 6am to go for a walk. Then when I come back home, I can continue to work on my screenplays, read, and so on. So when I watch a film late at night beyond my bedtime I tend to fall asleep. I then have to see it in the daytime instead.

This film, “It Follows,” seems simple enough to create. But it’s quite scary in a way. That’s why I like horror movies because it’s an easy start for an indie filmmaker like me in terms of budget, plot, locations, setting, characters, and more. Then you can focus your energy to prey on people’s primal fears, emotion, and stuff like that instead. And I think it’s fun figuring out how to scare the audience without using lots of blood, scary ghosts, Satan, grotesque shadow flitting outside the window, somebody standing in a dark corner of the house, and things like that. So, the more I investigate and research the making of horror movies, the more I like it. I can’t wait to complete my own horror movies soon.


Chocolate ice cream

Watching good film and eating my favorite chocolate ice cream.

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