New Curtains, Finally

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I finally got the new curtains installed yesterday, just before I left for audition. I didn’t think they would show up at all. So I was ready to go out. Then they arrived around 4:15 pm, at long last. But they supposed to be here between 2 – 4 pm. Anyway, the curtains have now been installed. Nothing more to say. The weather is quite dull today. And it will be like this for the rest of the week. And maybe next week as well. That’s it? The summer has now left us? Maybe not quite. Who knows. Maybe after this week the sun will begin to shine again.

But when the weather is like this is actually good for me. Then I feel in the mood for writing. All it’s quiet in the early morning, except for the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. The winds seem to slightly move the entire area in motion. That’s why I feel like writing in the early morning. It’s when I feel more creative. All the things and possibilities I could think of flow into my mind at this time of day, giving me valuable sources for my writing and story. It’s an ideal place for a writer to live, indeed. A cozy, comfortable suburb with lots of trees and parks around me.

I have lots of plans today, actually. After this blog post I will first read, not write. Then, I will write. After that, I will practise my auditions. And so on. So, every day, I fill my calendar with tasks and to-dos, to keep myself on the right track. But, my life isn’t about ticking things off the list. I can be quite spontaneous as well. Sometimes, I do go out all day, walking around London, visiting the places I like, trying new foods and looking for new vintage stuff at the markets, relaxing and enjoying the world and life. I try to keep balance in my life. It’s not all about work and career. I do have a life. And I will enjoy it to a great extent.

The new curtains.

Before the new curtains were installed.

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