I Love Auditioning

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I love auditioning. I don’t expect much. I regard all auditions as an opportunity to get better and better each time. So, I don’t feel that upset if I will not be selected. Auditions make me prepare and practise more and more. It motivates me in a way, to work harder to make my dreams come true. It reminds me of that I love what I do. That I want to become an actor. I am just so glad that people do have an interest in inviting me to the audition in the first place. It means, they must see the potential in me. So, even though I might not get chosen. But, I am happy that I get a chance to try and show them that I could be the one they’re looking for. It’s fun getting to perform and present my skills in front of people. I went to audition yesterday which I think I won’t be selected. But, I could be wrong. Anyway, it was fun. I didn’t even think about I will be selected or not. All I wanted to do was to perform, have fun meeting new people, and feel good about it. And I feel that I learn something new each time. So, I do get something valuable out of it regardless of the outcome. Being rejected doesn’t discourage me. On the contrary, it gives me even more energy to try harder. Maybe, I didn’t try hard enough. I record my own audition each time before I actually go to the audition. Then I watch it. So I can see what it is that still needs to be improved. And so on. It’s a very good idea to see myself perform. So I know why sometimes I don’t get selected, so that I can work on it to maximize my chances.

I want to start writing. But I am not done yet with the reading. I only have a few chapters to go. So I think I will finish reading completely before I start working on my screenplay.

A selfie from Spitalfields Market about 2-3 days ago.

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