New Name of My Film

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I decided to change the name of my feature film to Escape from Death instead. I think the new title is more suitable for the story. I’m also going to make a new short film with the same name. I will start shooting the short first. I’m working on the manuscript for the short film now. First, I plan to film the short this week. But I think, I will spend time to work on the screenplay first. I want it to be as thrilling, chilling, and exciting as possible. If the script is good I will then proceed to the next step which is to start shooting the film. I have to assemble the cast & crew. And the first thing that makes people want to work with me and my project is the screenplay. So, I need to produce a really compelling script before I begin to look for cast & crew. The same as my previous short film, Instant Risk, I did let people read my script first before they decided to work with me. Personally, I also think the script was good. I might develop it into a feature screenplay later on. Now back to the script for my next short and feature, Escape from Death, I will take my time to write it as exciting and captivating as possible. When I’m happy with it I will start shooting and producing the film – not before that.

I have an audition late this afternoon. When I get home I will start working on my short film screenplay. Hopefully, I can manage to finish it tonight. If the script looks good I will start shooting the film asap. I plan to make a 5 – 10 minutes short film. So, the scripts will be about 3-page long for a 5-minute short. Then, it’s about 7-page long if it’s a 10-minute short film.

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