Audition Day

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I have to go to the audition soon. But I still have to wait for the plumbers, or whoever has to come to set the curtains up, to come and install the curtains. He supposed to install it last week. But he did not show up. So, my estate agent has made a new appointment that he will come today instead and install the curtains between 2 pm – 4 pm. It seems, I have to wait in vain again for a curtain installation this time since it doesn’t look like he will show up any time soon. So I think I will go out now. I hope, something good will come out of this audition this time. That’s how it goes with the audition or casting. You don’t always get cast. I try not to expect anything. But I can’t help it. You will always hope that you will be selected. Even though your chance of being chosen is quite limited. But of course, I can’t go to the audition and hope I will not get cast. It will make no sense if I don’t think I will be selected. But I am prepared for a rejection. It somehow makes me stronger and try harder.

Before I’m finished writing this blog and about to go out the guys do finally arrive. Now, they are going to install the curtains. They tell me it will take about half an hour. And my audition is 5:30 pm. And it’s not too far. So I think I will make it.

My selfies from yesterday.

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