New Curtains

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I have been waiting and waiting all day for a new curtain installation. I was being informed they will come and set them up in the afternoon today. Now it’s 3 pm and no one is here yet. I rang the office and being told they will come at 5 pm instead. Well, I will have my lunch now. Then, I will practise my monologues after I have something to eat. There’re lots of things going on right now. And I will start posting casting calls today for my new short film as well. And if possible, I will start shooting the film this weekend if all cast & crew can work this weekend. I haven’t even talked about the story of my next short to anyone, yet. What it is about, genre, where it will take place, and how many actors, and more.¬†This time, I will shoot the film first, create a trailer, then I will start talking about it. And as I mentioned before, this time, I will only write the script, produce, direct, and play the lead actress. But I will not shoot the film myself. It will be interesting to work with film crew this time. Last time when I made my first short, Instant Risk, there was no film crew – just me and actors.

Still waiting for curtain installation. 

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