Self Discipline

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I have to exercise some kind of self discipline if I want to succeed as a writer and filmmaker. So, no TV for me. Thank you. Television is one of the most distractions that I have to stay away from. Getting rid of it gives me lots of time to focus on my work as a screenwriter. I also have to set time for work each day. I mean, the days that I am not working on a movie set. So every day I work 9-5, as a regular job. I don’t like waking up when I feel like to and start writing whenever I please. If I did that I didn’t think I would have written any script at all or made at least a film. So,¬†self discipline is a must for me to keep me on the right track. And that’s why I don’t really blog in the morning because I start working on my writing already at 9 am. And before that I have to have my breakfast and coffee first, ready to write. I then blog in the afternoon or evening after I finish working on my writing and filmmaking project. Today, I have time to write a blog post in the morning because I have to go out and return an item back that I bought online, which didn’t fit me. I also have to do some shopping, afterwards. I could postpone it till tomorrow. But why wait when I can do it now? I don’t like delaying thing or procrastinating when I can, actually, get it done right away. Over time, it will transform into a bad habit. And I don’t want that. Then, when I get home I will start working on my new short film project immediately, which I plan to complete it this week and submit it to film festivals straight away!

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