Lunch Break

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I had a late lunch today since I just got back from shopping. There are no shops and supermarkets around me. So, I had to catch a bus to go do my shopping in Putney or Wimbledon sometimes. There is one small one in the area. But that’s about 15 – 20 minutes walk. Then I have to walk back with heavy shopping bags. So I prefer to go do my shopping in either Putney or Wimbledon instead. It’s almost the same distance anyway. Then the bus stops right outside the village, which I can easily walk to my place. I live pretty much in a village. I could get myself a bicycle. I might consider that. I could also shop online instead. But I don’t like buying food online since I can’t see or feel it. And sometimes, I got delivered things that did not look like in the pictures when I ordered it. I got disappointed. So I stopped ordering food online.

Chorizo slices

chorizo slices on a bread

mature cheddar cheese

I love chorizo and cheddar cheese. So today, I had to have it for lunch. It’s so yummy with good bread and butter. I had 3 small pieces of bread with different topping on each. One with two slices of chorizo on top of a cheddar cheese slice, one just with a small slice of cheddar cheese, and one with creamy blue cheese.

fresh fruit smoothie

Then I served my lunch with a glass of healthy, fresh fruit smoothie, which I made it myself with orange juice, cranberry juice, banana, and a few ice cubes.

rioja rose wine

Every summer, I have to enjoy rose wine. It’s a celebration. So, after lunch, I have myself a glass of Rioja rose wine. It’s really good when I just had the chorizo and cheese for lunch since Rioja wine and Chorizo are from Spain. So, they’re made for each other. I should have it while I was having my lunch instead. Anyway, fresh fruit smoothie was better. I needed something healthy, so. I will drink my Rioja rose while I’m writing. Because now, I will resume my writing. And it could take me all night again since I want to finish this short film project this week. So, I have no time to waste. But I enjoy my work. I want to become a screenwriter and filmmaker so badly, so that I devote more than 100% of my time to it. I have to be so passionate about it, to the point of insanity. Because, becoming a screenwriter and filmmaker is not that easy. It’s a tough industry. There are thousands if not millions of people out there competing with each other for exactly the same thing. And I do not believe in luck. Luck is not my friend. Otherwise, I would have won a lotto by now. I believe in hardworking, dedication, perseverance, and be positive. For me, that’s the only way to success.

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