King’s Road

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I went to King’s Road in Chelsea today, just walking around for a little bit before I went to the Picturehouse Cinema to attend Sundance Film Festival in London. But, it was too late. I went the last day when they only showed teenage films for Sundance. It started since May 30 – June 2. And today is June 3. I had been busy. So I completely forgot, I had planned to attend Sundance. Lucky me, I didn’t buy the tickets beforehand. I just wanted to buy them at the door. Because, in the past, I did book some acting classes in advance, paid for it and everything, only to find out I couldn’t attend it anyway due to filming. And I couldn’t get a refund either. So, I have learned my lesson. Therefore, from now on, if I want to attend an event, acting class, and the like, I buy the ticket or book the workshop the night before, or, purchase it at the door. So, I am sure I can attend it. And that I don’t pay for something beforehand which I am unable to attend and can’t get a refund. Now, it’s too late. Bye Sundance! Next time then. There are also other film festivals that I can attend in London and elsewhere in UK or in Europe even, after this one. So, it’s ok.

I rarely go to Chelsea, even though I live not too far from it. There are many hip shops in Chelsea. It’s a trendy shopping area, like Covent Garden, Carnaby Street, etc. There are not only cool fashion boutiques in King’s Rd. There are also lots of nice cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and the like. Maybe a little bit posh, similar to Wimbledon Village. But Chelsea is just bigger in which it has King’s Rd that is stretching from Chelsea through Fulham. So, there are lots of shops, cafes, restaurants, antique shops, and more, for shopping lovers to walk around. I just fall in love with this fabulous restaurant, The Ivy Chelsea Garden. It has such beautiful interiors – both in and out. It’s very noticeable. Nobody can walk past the restaurant without stopping to take some selfies with its flower decoration outside the restaurant. It’s like a blossom gate to an alluring garden. I promise myself, I will go back to this restaurant in the very near future when the weather is still good, to order something to eat and drink there, so that I can actually enjoy its decor, atmosphere, and food, of course.

Yesterday, I started working on my new short film again. I got so excited about the project, so I worked until 5 am this morning and woke up again around 10 am. I just got this spontaneous idea to make the short again. I will complete the script tonight and start shooting it next week. I will shoot my short before I shoot my feature. I may start looking for cast & crew tomorrow already.

In front of The Ivy Chelsea Garden.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurant.

Beautiful houses in Chelsea.

Very cute Gelato ice cream shop in King’s Rd.

My silver shoes, which I rarely wear them. I have them for about 2-3 years now.

american car

Nice American car. OR just a car that looked like American car.

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