Ghost Stories Show

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I don’t only go to the cinema when I want to be entertained with some quality performances. I do go to the theatre as well. One of my favorite places is the Lyric Theatre or the Lyric Hammersmith. It’s in Hammersmith, of course, which is not too far from where I live. But also, in Wimbledon which is even closer to me, has some good theaters as well. I remember, I went to the Lyric Theatre about 8 years ago or maybe 6-7 years ago to see a show, Ghost Stories. It was such a phenomenal entertainment, with great storytelling, skills, and performances. They knew exactly how to scare the audience without using lots of special effects like filmmakers do in movies. It was a pure tension and horror. I was surprised how magnificent the show was. It exceeded all my expectations. I didn’t expect to see a terrifying show in theatre. I was used to going to the cinema when I wanted to see a horror movie, not theatre. But theatre offers me something more sophisticated and real. It takes me into the world of the characters. I experience it right there before my eyes. It’s so magical. It’s the value of the entertainment. You get to experience a good atmosphere as well. It really adds something extra unique to a good night out with good food & drink and a good performance. I think, I should go to the theatre more often now. I live close to several theaters than cinemas. So, I should grab that opportunity and go to the theatre more often.

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