Watching a Romcom

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Today I will relax and watch a romcom, “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I love watching romantic comedy as well such as Amélie, What Women want. Funny enough, I read the book long before the film was made. Then when I accidentally saw it on telly I thought to myself, this film has the same title as a book I have read before. So while I was watching the movie I realized it’s made from the book, of course. I think it has many good lessons for both women and men, who don’t want to waste their times for something that is not gonna go nowhere. You take initiative by following him/her on social media sites, liking his/her posts, and sending him/her message. But no responses from the other part?! No follow back, no likes, and so on. Just discreet flirts through social media sites back and forth, back and forth. Like cat-and-mouse – Tom & Jerry. Are they the games people play? If you really like someone you openly let the person know, your friends & family know. You take the initiative. I am not afraid of taking initiative. That’s how I find out fast if someone feels the same way and is being serious with me or not. So I don’t have to waste my time.

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