My Movie Teaser Lacks Sound

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My movie teaser lacks one more ingredient which is music or sound. I will need to make a new one with music or sound in it. Otherwise, it will seem bland. So today, I will spend the time creating a new teaser with┬ámusic or sound. It will enhance the experience a lot. How can a horror movie be scary with no sound? Maybe some manage to horrify the audience anyway. I spent a lot of time making the teaser. Because making a movie intro or title is not that simple. You have to find the right design for the film and its genre, including the era the film takes place. And my movie took place in the 80s. Everything then has to reflect that such as the title, color tones. And the songs as well if I’m going to use the music not just scary sound. So, there’s a lot that goes into a 30-second teaser, actually. Then think about the whole movie how much work that has to be done? But I like it. I do it with a real interest in the project. So every step of the way does entertain me. That’s why I woke up pretty early today at around 5:30 am. I felt so excited about my movie project, so I could barely sleep. Every day, as soon as the sun rises, I jump out of bed. I try to move my film project toward its goal each day. There’s not a day I don’t work on it, except when I have to do the filming. I mean when I have to work on set for other productions. So the days I am not on set, I pursue my own plan constantly. I’m so thrilled to bits about the activity that I can’t stay away from it. By the way, I won’t be filming the entire movie myself. I will use a DOP this time. The film will be made professionally with different people working on each department who are skilled in what they do. I also welcome new talents, to give them the opportunity to try their skills out.

Below is another version of the teaser I have made, which I think it looks more horrified. But it doesn’t seem to echo the 80s that much. So, I will make a new one again with music or sound. What do you think?


This teaser looks more like from the 80s. But it doesn’t look like a horror movie enough, I think.


But this one doesn’t look like from the 80s. But it does look more horrified, I think.

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