My Film Teaser Is Ready

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My film teaser, Nightmare in Hell, is ready! You can view it here. I have been busy creating the teaser and website for my movie. So I haven’t posted much lately. Now, I have finished making the teaser and the film official site. I can start blogging again, to update you my progress. Feel free to follow Nightmare in Hell on Tumblr, to keep yourself up-to-date with its latest news, updates, teasers, trailers, clips, release dates, and more. I am not done yet with the website editing. There’s a lot to do. And I also want to create various versions of the teaser – to see which one works best.


Now I can relax a little bit. Now that one mission is accomplished. I might read something. I also need to go out to buy some soft drinks, desserts, fruits, and so on. The weather is getting nicer and nicer. But I don’t have any soft drink or dessert at home at all, except tap water. And sometimes I don’t feel safe drinking tap water. And next week the weather looks even more summery. I miss Brighton again when I see the sun shines. I went there about two weeks ago. But it was quite chilly back then. So I wasn’t there that long and I didn’t explore much of Brighton. I want to go back there again. But since I don’t know anyone there I think it will be boring for me. So, I don’t think I will go back there. Time to go to the next destination. I have lots of beautiful places in my mind that I want to visit in UK. Let’s see where will I find myself next?

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