Oatmeal With Spinach

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I start my day with a healthy breakfast as usual. Today is oatmeal with spinach and a boiled egg and a good cup of coffee. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning is so wonderful. It makes me feel so energetic. I love healthy food, especially when I make it myself. It’s purely comfort and delicious. I got up early as always, which was 7 am. So I can get my work done as much as possible. 7 AM is not that early, though. I normally stand up at around 4 am or 3 am even when I have to be on sets, depending on the locations and my call times. I remember, when I did The Mummy (2017) my call time was 4 am. So, I stood up at around 2 am. In fact, I didn’t sleep at all. Maybe a little. Then, we had to run a lot on set. I ran all morning long. Waking up early to an exercise. That’s why I love my job. So 7 am is quite late, compared to what I generally have to wake up. But since I don’t have to be on set today I can awake a little late. There’s no need to awaken at 4 am when I just stay home and work on my own project. Around 6 or 7 am is fine.

I took lots of beautiful photos from Brighton beach a week ago. I will edit them and post them later on. And then, I will (try to) finish editing my teaser today as well. Stay Tuned!


Healthy breakfast, oatmeal with spinach.

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