Lazy Sunday

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I don’t really want to call it a lazy Sunday. But, all I do today is reading, watching films, and editing videos. I actually do work because this is what I do for a living. But, maybe because it doesn’t sound like work for others who have a regular 9-5 job Monday-Friday. So, I use the word “lazy Sunday” instead of “creative Sunday” which “creative” doesn’t sound so absurd or intriguing enough. But “creative” was the exact word I should be using for what I’m literally doing the whole day today, to be precise. In fact, I do work more hours and days than others who have normal jobs because I, pretty much, control when I want to work and when not. And I, mostly, decide to work more than I should. It’s funny enough, with this type of freelance job, you end up letting the job control you instead of the other way around. Because, then nobody tells you when you can have a break or something like that. You just work 24 hrs if you can. There’s no time limit. So, that’s one of the flaws of working for yourself. You get the freedom to do what you want and when. But freedom doesn’t come without nothing. So often time, you get carried away, so that you end up working more than you should. As a result of that, there’s no clear line between personal and professional anymore. But even though, I am aware of that, but because I love what I do I don’t really care if I have to sacrifice all my time to creating art. I somehow feel rewarded for what I do.

Anyway, I have to eat. So I just make this easy lunch, bagel with spinach and smoked salmon and two boiled eggs on the side. Then I have it with a glass of beer. I don’t drink alcohol that much. Just once in a while or socially. I love to cook as well. But at the moment, I’m very busy with writing and working on my first feature film, so I don’t really spend time to do the cooking no more. Only if I genuinely feel like to. But now, since I work almost constantly on my new screenplay and my upcoming feature film project I need to cook at home more often and store lots of food, so that I don’t need to go out and do the shopping all the time. It’s just so time consuming, walking around in the supermarket buying stuff. Then, I will have less time to create art. So, a few days ago, I went shopping like there’s going to be a WW3 anytime soon.

Well, I have a very good reason to be paranoid when you think about the tension between Russia and America at the moment. I don’t want to talk about politics that much since it can be an extremely serious topic. I therefore try to avoid it at all costs. But honestly, we should be involved more in politics to help make the world a better place to live for everyone. We should all make peace not war. There must be a better way to communicate and make peace instead of using weapons to destroy each other, till there’s no more soul left in this world.

Back to my fridge. It is now filled with lots of food, which looks like a whole family living here when it’s just me. I can now work on my film project smoothly with no interruption, until I’m running out of food again. That’s the only purpose why I shopped too much food at once.

Food, beer, and mag for my lunch break.

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