My Film Teaser Will Be Ready Soon

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Just got home from filming. I don’t think I will be back to film tomorrow. So, I will devote all my time tomorrow to edit my film teaser instead, Nightmare in Hell. I have shot the teaser already. I will just need to edit it to see how it will turn out. If it doesn’t look good enough I will re-shoot it, until I’m happy with it. I really need to get my own film project going quicker. I want to finish it in time for Halloween this year. It may seem like I have plenty of time to bring my movie to an end. But, if I become complacent about my work I may end up having to spend months to complete it. And then, I may have to finish it after Halloween instead. Or even worse, never getting it made at all. So, I have no time to waste here – really. Consequently, tomorrow, I will try to finish editing my teaser. Then after that I will start getting the camera rolling asap, looking for cast & crew, film locations, finding the right film festivals to submit my film to, and so on. Just the thought of how happy I will be when I have, finally, created my first feature film I feel even more motivated to reach my target faster. The whole project doesn’t overwhelm me, on the contrary, I feel more confident that I can and will make it. I just have a positive feeling about it. I don’t know. I think, maybe because I love what I do and this is what I have always wanted to do since I started working in film & tv about 14 years ago. And ironically, I embarked on a film career as a filmmaker student at Copenhagen Technical College in 2004 and didn’t think about becoming an actress at all. But then we couldn’t afford to pay the actors for each film we made maybe just a few and we were also running out of time, I then had to act in my own student films once in a while because no none else in my group wanted to be in front of the camera, so I began to form a strong interest in acting as well. So much that I decided to only focus on my acting career and forgot about becoming a filmmaker completely. And now I’m back where I initially started, to begin my filmmaker career again. Hence, making my own films is a dream that I want to make it come true at long last. I might not succeed as a filmmaker, but if I could become just a screenwriter I would equally be so glad.

Now, I will watch a good film and relax ready to edit my teaser tomorrow. Goodnight and enjoy the music from Lana Del Rey – Born To Die.

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