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Guess what, my favorite breakfast is either oatmeal or just fruit. It’s not a fancy breakfast like full breakfast or similar. I like having my oatmeal with different variation, such as oatmeal with fruits, oatmeal with spinach or other healthy vegetables. Today, I have my oatmeal with strawberry, a little bit of butter in the middle while it’s still warm, and a honey dressing as a topping. It’s so summery early meal. But there is no sunshine today. And the weather seems to be on the decline. It was nice and sunny not long ago. Well, it’s not quite summer yet anyway. I went to Brighton a few days ago. It was warm and the sun was shining in the morning. But later on it’s cold. And I wanted to stay until dark to take pictures of the pier at night when it had all the lights on, but it was fairly chilly toward the end of the day, so I left Brighton around 7 pm. I did manage to take some nice photos of the beach and the pier. I will post the images later on. I’m still editing them. I promised myself some years ago that I will visit some of the beautiful beaches and piers in UK during summer, so I just did. It was fantastic, even it was a bit cold since it’s not summer yet. But I love beaches, so I needed to go see it. I can now tick Brighton beach off my list. Then I can move on to the next place in UK that I want to visit. I think next time I will travel when it’s warmer. It’s a waste of time when it’s still cool. Then I can’t enjoy the stunning, picturesque setting because I then have to hurry myself home because it’s freezing. I should bring a warm jacket with me, just in case. It’s always cold at nighttime in UK regardless what time of year. So, I should have known that. Next time, I will be more prepared.

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