Movie Teaser

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I plan to make a teaser for my movie, Nightmare in Hell, this week. I have to make it soon. I might do it on Thursday. Because tomorrow, I have to be on set again, so I can’t. But hopefully, I will have time to shoot the teaser on Thursday, or within this week. Then it’s out of the way. Then I can start editing it. I will have to make a really good teaser. So, even though, it can be as short as 30 seconds, but it has to be exciting. And that will be my challenge.

Then tonight, I will spend my time to read. I love reading as much as I love watching films. So, today’s a reading day instead of movies. I have some books on my shelf that I haven’t finished them yet. Well, because they’re boring. Maybe for me. I tend to put a book down pretty fast if it doesn’t captivate me enough. If the first few pages don’t have much to say I won’t bother. It has to hook me right away. And I don’t really buy actual books no more. But, I buy kindle books instead. Then, I can buy as many novels as I like and they won’t pile up in my studio taking up space. I will look for a good novel to buy and read. I have a few books in my mind that I want to read tonight. I will have to make a choice which one I decide to read first┬áthis evening.

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