Stir-fried Pork With Bamboo Shoots in Chili Oil

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Just got home from a photoshoot not long ago. We were shooting in Camden Town. So after work, I wanted to walk around Camden Town because the weather was so nice earlier today, sunshine and all that, but I was a little tired from work and from getting up early, so I just came back home right away. I don’t normally walk around after work anyway. When my job is done I always hop on a bus or train on my way back home almost right away. You work with a big group of people all day long, so when you’re finally free you just want to be alone. Enjoy the time off for the rest of the day, watch good films or read books, eat ice cream, and relax. So when I got home I made a nice, tasty Thai dish for myself. It’s just stir-fried pork with bamboo shoots in chili oil. I always store bamboo shoots in chili oil, red and green curries, coconut milk, noodles, jasmine rice, soy sauce, and the like, so that I can make quick but delicious Asian/Thai food in no time at all. Now that I’m full, I will have my dessert now which is chocolate ice cream. When I have spooned the ice cream into a cup ready I will find a good movie to watch. That’s how I’m gonna spend the rest of the day today. Just home sweet home.

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