Nightmare in Hell Teaser is Coming Soon

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I will make a teaser for my upcoming film, Nightmare in Hell, very soon. I’m so excited! I will spend today planning the film teaser. This is quite challenging but exciting to see how it will turn out. It will test my ability to entice potential audiences to watch my horror movie once it’s released. I will not shoot the teaser today, just doing the groundwork. But, who knows. I might film the teaser today anyway if I’m in the mood for it. It’s not that long. Maybe just 30 – 90 seconds. After that, I also have to edit it. So, even though I record it today doesn’t mean the teaser is ready today. To get it right, the editing process can be the most complex, creative part of film production. I already have the scene for the teaser in mind. So, it’s a matter of when I will start shooting it.

I will begin to look for cinematographer soon since I decided not to shoot the film myself anyway. It will be difficult because I will be playing the lead actress in it as well. And this is a feature film – not a short film that I made earlier in which I filmed the whole short myself, Instant Risk – it therefore needs to be made professionally with another DOP. If I were to shoot the film myself again, I would, probably, mess up the whole project, and the film might turn out amateurish. This is not The Blair Witch Project film in which the cast shot the whole movie themselves, which was a very clever way to not hire director of photography and got away with it discreetly. So, it depends on the story what it is about and what is the best way to tell it. And for my work, I don’t think, I can avoid that. But for the teaser, I think, I can easily shoot it myself. Lucky me.

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