Ghost Stories Before Bed

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Ghost stories before bed was something I was very much obsessed with when I was a kid. It was one of the most exciting things to do when you’re young. Kids love fantasy, fairly tale, folktale, mystery, and ghost story is no exception. I remember, when I was young me, my siblings, and our friends, would always sit in circle telling each other ghost stories before bedtime. And the spikes of moonlight that penetrated through the windows would transform the atmosphere of the room into an uncanny undertone with its blue tint. Every little sound that occurred from the breeze, tree leaves rustling in the winds, the raucous call of the nocturnal crows flying past our house and some of them sitting on the tree branches STARING DIRECTLY at us, and the whine of the dogs from a far distance, would give us goosebumps while listening to the spine-chilling stories. And we would then look around to see a sign of any supernatural that might be lurking in the darkness around us. And sometimes, I had a feeling that SOMETHING is standing right behind me, but when I turn around to look quickly – – nothing’s there.

So I think, it’s one of the reasons why I love all things mystery, which inspires me to write and make a horror movie or similar. This is just the beginning.

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