Working in The Background

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I made a little horror clip with demonic eyes yesterday, to see how it looks. I think, it looks good. I have not blogged for a very long time because I am busy working in the background on my feature film project, Nightmare in Hell. I really want to get this project off the ground. So, I must work harder, until my production materializes. Making a film is not an easy task. It requires a lot of work, researches, and coffee. But, I am determined to create my own work – no matter how stressful it could be. So, I enjoy every step of the way. The more I put my heart and soul into it, the more I realize this is something I really want to do and be. I jump out of bed early every morning, excited to continue to work on my project and script. It’s a long way to go before my film is actually finish. But I think, the reward is worth the wait. I also have to contact several locations where I want to film, asking them for permission to shoot there. And that’s why the sooner I start on my film making project, the better. So I have time to prepare all the things I need to make my film. So, it’s not that simple. If I can’t film there no problem, I can find similar places. So, it’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes. And that’s why I don’t have time to blog as often as I was used to, or as I want to. I am serious about this film. And I must do whatever I can to get it made. I don’t mind hard work if that means, I get to do what I love and to work with like-minded people, who are into films, art, and creative stuff. So, it might seem like I don’t really do anything since there’s no activity on my blog for the time being, but believe me I do work constantly on my film project every single day.
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