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I decided to buy a real notice board for my post-it notes anyway. I don’t like sticking something on the mirror. It just doesn’t look right. But I won’t hang it up on the wall. I just let it stand against the windows, on the dining table, on the balcony. It really helps me visualize my film a lot better now that I have written down all my thoughts, imaginations, locations, setting, characters, etc. on the post-it notes and stick them on a notice board. I can see where the story is heading. Is it in the right direction? Is everything in chronological order? Before, I stored everything in my head and my computer. And my laptop is like a shambles. Every time I want to see a scene, to work on it, I will have to turn on my laptop and find the folder with all my documents for my screenplay in it. It’s taking me time to go through all that. And it doesn’t really help me visualize the scene as if I have it written down in front of me, move it around, erase it and write something new on it, and so on. It works so much better for me this way. But I still keep everything on my laptop. It just a combination of methods that makes it possible for me to work on my project more smoothly and effectively. Now my notice board is an amalgam of diverse, useful elements which will create my upcoming feature film. Now I think, I will work faster since I have everything organised right in front of me.

I put the pizza in the oven. I will have my dinner in a bit. Today, I don’t feel like cooking. I just want to save all my time to work on my manuscript. And I will wake up at 4 am or 5 am tomorrow to start working on my script right away. So I have extra hours to work on it. I am so excited about this project. And I want to make it better than my last project. I want to improve myself each time I work on a new project. But the whole point is, I just do what I love doing. My passion for my work is the real force behind all this. It keeps me going. If I didn’t like what I do I wouldn’t be able to stand it every single day.

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