Feels Like Summer

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Today is such a sunny day. It feels like summer already. It makes me think of barbecue party, beach, a tour to different markets in London – trying a variety of foods and drinks, buying bohemian clothes and jewelry, sitting in the sun with a cold glass of beer, enjoying the weather, sunshine, and the urban life – thinking life is good. I feel like going out today, actually, walking around and enjoying the nice weather. But, I have a duty to do which is to work on my screenplay, to try to finish it as soon as possible. After my job is done, I can start relaxing. I think, I will use this as my motivation to complete my manuscript faster, so that I can go out and celebrate. It’s such a good timing. By the time I am done with my script, the weather will be so┬ásummery and all that which is perfect for party. So as long as I have not accomplished my manuscript yet, I must try to resist the temptation to go out and enjoy the refreshing weather for the time being. I may have to get up at 4 am in the morning every day from now on if I want to complete my screenplay as quickly as I possibly can. If I don’t have to be on set working because I normally have to stand up pretty early around 4 am to go work on a film set I wake up around 7:30 am daily which I think it’s quite late. So, I should continue to get up at around 4 am in order to finish my manuscript sooner. And since now it’s getting warmer and warmer, and the sun will come up more early, I think I will be able to rise and shine very early in the morning every day in the future, until my film making project is over. I will start greeting the day at about 4 am from tomorrow and see how it goes.

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