A Teaser For My Film

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I am going to make a teaser for my upcoming horror film, so that I can really visualize how my screenplay will turn into film. Because, writing a manuscript is one thing, but how it will transfer into a motion picture is another thing. I can write about anything. But, what if it doesn’t really translate into a cinema film that will entertain the audiences? So, making a teaser now might be a better way to see how realistic my film making project is. A teaser could be between 30 – 90 Seconds, which is achievable. And it’s also a way to prepare my audiences beforehand what they can expect from my film. What it is they’re going to see. And so on.

For now, I use my mirror as a notice board for my post-it notes when I want to add and arrange the scenes in Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, etc. Then, I can always move the scenes around to suit the story, and that they follow a logical sequence. I could go out and buy a real notice board, but then I would have to make a hole in the wall to hang it up. And I want to avoid making holes in the wall as much as I can, to keep the flat nice & clean. So, I use the mirror instead. I can always clean the mirror after that.

After this blog post, I will relax and watch a good film. Maybe a comedy. I need some laugh after working on a horror script almost daily. And the weather is getting nicer and nicer, which means the Spring and Summer are not so far away. So, in the spirit of the seasons, I need a good laugh and be cheerful. I so look forward for the summer to arrive. I love summer dearly. It’s what I grew up with. I miss the sun. I am so ready for it. Then I can look through my wardrobe, to find my bohemian clothes to dress for the joyful times of year.


My temporary notice board for my post-it notes.

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I’m so ready for the Spring & Summer.

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