Still Working on The Film Treatment

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Last night, I managed to finish a rough draft of the treatment of my upcoming film, A Tour to Hell, so today I can blog. I have been working on my manuscript constantly. So, I will not blog that often as I was used to. My dream job as a screenwriter is my top priority right now. When I have accomplished a certain task I have set myself I blog. If not, I won’t blog until I have reached my small mission. And yesterday, I moved toward my goal a little further so I blog today – to keep people updated where I’m at in my project. Today, I will start writing the real treatment of my film. Now I know, what I want to appear in my movie, then it’s easier for me to write the actual screenplay later on. It’s so much fun thinking, pondering, plotting, imagining, etc., how I want to make my film. Today will be another fun day writing the real treatment. And as I mentioned before, I am going to shoot the film myself again. I’m pretty certain about that. Maybe 70%. Because, no one knows the scenes, the plot, the setting, and the whole purpose of the story than I do. So I think, maybe I would just film the movie myself again, to make things easier. But who knows, I may find a cinematographer who understands my film as much as I do and will collaborate with me. I don’t want to start looking for cast & crew now since I have not finished the script, yet. So as soon as I’m done with the manuscript, I will start searching for film crew. This will be a very exciting, low-budget movie project. I can feel it. I can’t wait to begin, to start the ride, the true adventure. Making my own films is a way of whetting my brain and ability to make movies. The more I try, the more it works. It may be a trek for me before I begin to see some kind of success in the business of film making. But I enjoy every moment of it – no matter the outcome. In all honesty, when you do what you love you just don’t care about the result that much. You do because you like it. It’s as simple as that.

I just had a German Roasted Pork Knuckle for lunch. One of the good reasons of being single is that I can have dinner for lunch, candy for breakfast, iced tea before bedtime, and similar. I just live in the moment. Wherever I am in life I enjoy it. There’s no need to make life more complicated than necessary. Living a simple, positive lifestyle seems to be the best recipe in true happiness in life. Definitely for me.

I try to make the photo look as dreamy as possible. Just for fun.

I will be using this camera to shoot the film again if I’m going to film the movie myself as my previous short, Instant Risk.

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